Désirée Maass

Der Barsoi

Hund der Zaren - Zar der Hunde


This book has been written to fill the gap in German literature about
Borzoi: There has been no published book in German speaking countries
dealing exclusively with the extraordinary breed of Borzoi. Although there
are numerous articles and publications on Sighthounds, mentioning the Russian
Wolfhounds, there is no in-depth literature available in German
which deals with THE BORZOI only, giving advice on how to live with this
breed in detail.

Many people in Germany who started to become interested in the breed had
problems in collecting information from all literature available,
especially because most of it had been published in English. Therefore
newcomers to the breed of Borzoi often faced difficulties to find out about
the specific characteristics and needs of a borzoi and if this dog would
actually fit in their lifestyles.

The goal of my book has been to gather as much information as possible
for Borzoi fanciers to ensure a smooth, pleasureful and successful life
with this magnificent breed. This book has been created especially to help
Borzoi newcomers to have fun with their dogs on a daily basis.

The book contains six main chapters and 50 sub-chapters in which a
beginner can get profound knowledge about how and where to acquire a
Borzoi, how to raise train and what to feed a puppy and how to show and
train a borzoi for dog shows and sighthound races.
This publication also tells about the history of the breed, the standard
and last not least its magnificent temperament. All is being illustrated
on 142 pages (DIN A4) with numerous coloured and black/white photos.

Please feel free to contact the author of the book directly (address see
above), personalized reproductions with your name on the front cover also
available upon request. Price: 60 EUR (including shipping abroad).

Finally I´d like to wish you lots of fun while reading my book,

the author
Désirée Maass


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